Fiber for athletes – How does fiber affect athlete’s performance?

The intake of fiber is recommended for the general population, but it has specific benefits for athletes in particular:

  • Its satiating function can help lose or maintain a healthy weight. This is especially important for athletes looking to reach “race weight” and achieve a lean body.
  • It also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates (slower but more continuous), which has an interesting impact on sports that demand energy for long periods of time.
  • meta-analysis of 67 controlled studies looked at the role of dietary fiber in lowering cholesterol. Soluble fiber can help reduce the total cholesterol levels in the blood since it reduces the levels of low-density lipoprotein, also known as “bad” cholesterol.
  • Several studies have also shown that foods rich in fiber may have other benefits for the heart, such as reducing blood pressure and bloating.
  • Fiber will provide you with the necessary nutrients for the regeneration and build-up of your body and its abilities.
  • It is essential to prevent discomfort and complications that could affect the development of sports activity and general well-being.
  • An increase in soluble fiber is linked to blood glucose stabilization, meaningless spikes or drops in blood sugar, and a more consistent energy supply. 
  • Helps you increase your muscles definition, by eliminating body fat through a faster metabolism in your Digestive System and improving the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and other supplements.

Fiber for fitness and gym enthusiasts

People in gyms divide their body goals into two stages. Building muscle and defining muscles. Muscle is defined by eliminating body fat through diet changes and saturation exercises.

By constantly increasing the amount of fiber in the diet, it is possible to improve muscle mass while maintaining low levels of body fat.

By having a more active metabolism the elimination process is more efficient and faster. This means that fats and excess carbohydrates do not remain stagnant for long, reducing the possibility that they are transformed into fats. 

On the other hand, keeping the digestive system clean improves the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and other supplements. Achieving more energy for longer to build muscle while maintaining a low percentage of body fat.

A supplement like ReguFIT can help you achieve your goals, making easier to take fiber every day.

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